Node Red programming language

In a Raspberry pi node red what is the programming language ? Question from a begeneer?

Hello Ghbisson

The initial point is to be able to do some data processing or/and dashboard interface with practically 0 programming knowledge, as node red (in my opinion) is designed to be able to making use of the pre-built in nodes or may other that can be added using the palette manager, this gives you a very vusial interface that can be handled with simple logic.

Afterwards depending exactly what you wanted to go there is plenty of options with integration with CSS,javascript,html etc...

The best is to start with the wiki and looking at some tutorials you can easily find on youtube and try to start doing something, you get results and you will feel quickly motivated to learn new things and will bring you more and more deeper later on.

In my point of view this is one of the best features of node red considering I started one year ago from level 0.

At least this is my personal experience.


If you mean, "what language is node-red written in", then the answer is the same -- Javascript. That code runs inside a NodeJS environment, which is a single-threaded event driven framework. It uses the express libraries to provide the http server, and things like d3 and JQuery to provide an interactive "Editor" for building message flows. The optional dashboard renders UI widgets that run in the browser, using an old version of Angular libs.

As David mentioned, you don't actually need to know anything about any of these languages to build useful systems -- but if you really want to be successful you will eventually want to know Javascript/NodeJS

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