NodeRed for Dummies?

Is there a recommendation to learn NodeRed from baby building blocks and move up from there?
I have ~amatuer computer science knowledge with moderate logical programming skills for embedded devices (not legit stuff like C++ LOL), but know nothing of JavaScript, IoT, HTTP, etc.

The result is when I read the documentation for NodeRed elements, it is too advanced for me to comprehend. Such as an HTTP node. I don't understand the significance of it and have a hard time reaching the first rung of that ladder to continue self-learning. The documentation and literature is quite lacking.

I know NodeRed depends heavily on pre-existing cornerstones of CS/programming, but maybe it could be useful to learn NodeRed specifically then work backwards from there :man_shrugging:

If starting from scratch and to understand how node-red functions, I would recommend to watch all the videos in this playlist, it will go over the core basics. In 1 hour you will have learned a lot.

The idea behind node-red is low-code programming and you should come a long way with the core nodes without heavy programming.

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