(Asking) Any suggestions on a good JavaScript book to get

I was looking around for a book and found this list:

If any of the regular people here who have dealt with me WRT JavaScript...

Would any of these books be any good for me?

The first one sounds good as it has short chapters with little bits of example code.
These may be good if they are well written.

I use this resource, which is FREE. It also has 'Try It Yourself' tabs that help to see what's going on.

You don't make it clear in your question as to whether you just want to learn more about JavaScript or get involved in building applications using JS. I assume your question is related to using JS with Node-RED?


Thanks Dave.

Yeah, I use it a bit too... But I sometimes need physical things to hold.

This "flicking among web pages" does me sometimes. I have about .... 10 x 8 "sessions" of FF and some of those have a LOT of tabs in/on them.

(Luckily I have 32GB me sheep in the machine.)

The w3 school also sometimes take things are read for being understood.
When that happens I spawn anther few tabs.
I know books have a similar problem but you have to actually turn pages. :wink:

I'm not sure if it was that or another language I was blitzing the examples, but they didn't have any practical application with what I was wanting to do.

I am not saying I want to spend $200 on a book - knowing I probably won't read it - but the threat of me having it may cause my brain to do it's thing and actually remember something.

(You've probably heard/read the "technician's manual to fixing electronics")
Things like "Wave a multimeter at the device to show it you are serious.
Quote Ohm's law at the device.
and so on. :wink:
So I'm wondering if I actually buy another book it may make my brain work better.

But again: Thanks.

You might like to look at this guy. I haven't used his javascript course, but I was on his guinea pig group when he wrote his first course (Ruby on Rails) and he did a great job on that one.

Thanks @Colin.

I do have that page open somewhere too.

I may go back and look at it also.

The only JavaScript actual dead-tree book I know of worth getting would be "JavaScript: The Good Parts"

JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford | Goodreads

Probably seriously dated now though given that it was written in 2008.

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You might also have a look at
Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition, A Modern Introduction to Programming, by Marijn Haverbeke
It's more of a discussion than a reference and a bit pricey in hard copy. I think you can get a PDF for free. I dip into it once in a while to see what I can learn, at the risk of coming in contact with some of the "bad parts."

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