Suggest Best Courses and Books to Learn JavaScript

Hello everyone, I am in the Third Year of Engineering and I want to learn JavaScript, I saw many YouTube Videos to learn javascript but I am finding it very difficult to understand the logic, can anyone please recommend me a good javascript book to understand the Logics and please suggest the best JavaScript Courses as well.

Thank You

Honestly I find the Mozilla Developer Network to be one of the best resources starting out.


Quite a lot of my IoT students make use of the FREE material on W3Schools.


Here are some videos too


A new video series for beginners to learn JavaScript - Microsoft Open Source Blog


Thank You for the Suggestions, yes W3 School is one of the best platforms to learn. I also searched best books for javascript and found this post on the internet, and I buy these books:

1.Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming.
2.JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development
3.JavaScript: The Good Parts
I also search This JavaScript Courses on Coursera:


Please Suggest if can I buy this course. or please suggest to me any other JavaScript course for beginners.

Thank You

Those books are good but dated so some caution needed.

Lots of recommendations already given. I would certainly suggest using the free ones initially, they may be sufficient.

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