node: ReferenceError: BoxSDK is not defined

Dear readers,

I'm trying to connect my Node-RED with the node.

I follow the steps from the next link:

But after "Grant access to Box" I get the next error:

ReferenceError: BoxSDK is not defined. How could I fix this?

Best regards,


Might be an issue with the node. suggest you look at the issues on the GitHub repo.

If necessary, raise a new issue. sends me to GitHub already. And they send me to this forum. So who will help me?

See also:

  1. the link in your first post ends up with a No results matched your search.
  2. there are two node-red-node-box nodes:
  1. you posted an issue to the node-red-node-box but the error points to the @boneskull/node-red-node-box node
  2. did you go to and open a developers account and install their SDK?

I will check the right node first. Little bit confusing. But will check this first, may be I installed the other one.

@zenofmud Thanks for the tip it was the wrong node. Now it works. Topic may be closed.