BUG: Email node doesn't use node name for debug message

I just spotted that the node name in the debug messages for the send email node displays the To field instead of the Name field.

The Debug displays the label of the node - what it shows in the workspace - which may not be the name.

In this instance, it looks like the email node displays the to field, if set, in preference to the name.

I guess it would make sense for that to be prioritised the other way round, so it uses he name if set, and if not then the to field, and finally just the word "email".

Though looking at the code it's more mixed up than that... so untangling it would potentially break users - not to be undertaken lightly...

Ahh, I see.

Yes, agree 100%.

That's a shame.

No worries, it's not a huge big deal, just something I spotted and thought I should report.

Cheers, guys!

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