Bug in ui dashboard causes duplicate entries - reproducible


Several people have mentioned this issue in the last couple days and I have stumbled upon for awhile. It happened to me again and I decided to see if I could reproduce it and I did.

Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. start with a new flow: node-red ui_tabs_bug.json (so you won't mess up an existing flow)

  2. add a ui_text node and display the dashboardin the sidebar

  3. open the node and add the default group and tab

  4. in the sidebar, add a new tab and group

  5. in the sidebar, drag the 'text' node to the new group

  6. in the sidebar, edit the text node and change the label

  7. click done and you now have two text nodes in the sidebar but only one in the flow

It seems like if you delete one of the nodes in the sidebar, the one in the flow is deleted. My solution up to now was always to code the node in the flow before deleting it in the sidebar and tehen I could paste it back in.

This seems to happen when - in the sidebar - you move nodes from one group to another and make a change to it.



I have seen this too, but I thought I just didn't completely understand how it was supposed to work so I wrote it off to "my fault" -- not a major issue as I was ultimately able to get the result I wanted.



Great, well clarified. Please cut/paste into an issue so we can track it.



Is this related to the 'widgets not in a group' issue?



@dceejay - will do! (done)
@Colin - It might be, after seeing the discussions about it and tripping over it yet again, I thought I'd report it.

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