Several identical entries in the editor on the tabs side after several update

I do not understand what happens in the Tabs & Links menu.
I have several times the same entries, a priori 2x?


This seems to be the result of several manipulations on my part:

  • an update of Nodered to 2.2.0 with the standard script.
  • An update from Raspbian 10 to 11 (bulleyes)
  • An update of all NR packages used.
  • An import of a flow from the Import menu

If I try to change something and want to do a deployment, I get these wonderful errors.

Do you have any idea what happens?

I have a backup but it annoys me to have to start all over again, the update is long. It will be if there is no simple solution to restore the situation.
Thanks for any advises


  • I cleared the browser's cache
  • The CTRL+Right click doesn't work either into the editor

It is Ctrl+Left Click. The fact it worked with right-click was not intentional.

you're right, it works, I'm the one who's a little confused with all these tests. Sorry

I installed a fresh version of Raspberry Pi OS Lite 32-bit from January 28th 2022.
Installed Nodered with the standard script:

sudo apt install build-essential git curl
bash <(curl -sL

I used the new function:
node-red admin init
Started the editor, started to create 2 tabs with one group each, result ok.
Then I used the palette to install several packages.
And bingo, the right part of the tabs split.

I opened another browser in parallel and it's the same defect.
Is it only me that this happens? :hushed:

A browser problem ?

If I empty the browser cache, I restart it and it's back to normal.
I added a package, added a tabs + group, moved and closed the browser.
Then I restarted the editor and the defect appears again

You are not alone, I have the same issue in one of my flows. I thought it was me, by doing imports/exports a lot. If I go to another tab, like debug and back to dashboard tab, it is "repairing itself", it then looks normal, no duplicates no more (the complete flow works anyway fully perfect)

Thanks for the help Walter.
I did as you suggested, so it does indeed fix the Tabs part except that at the bottom it informs me that something is wrong with the widgets. I click on it, it's ok.
I do a deployment and there the big information message tells me that the 5 groups are not assigned, while I deleted groups 1-4 yesterday ! and that there I took another PC to be sure that it does not come from Linux, the I'm under Windows. Same.
These groups do not exist anymore in the Tabs part.
I can deploy though.
I don't know what else to do.

Hello Jean-Luc,
In my case it looks like below. It must be a bug somewhere, I think I have only seen this in the later 2.x versions but I'm not sure. Maybe it is me causing the bug

Below images before and after changing tabs

@krambriw @Jean-Luc

I am struggling to re-create this issue.

Do you think one of you could provide a step by step to creating this issue. Preferably starting from a blank flow?


  1. Add a UI button and a UI Text
  2. Re-arrange nodes in layout editor (or drag and drop in the side bar)
  3. switch to debug view
  4. refresh browser
  5. etc
  6. etc

I would like to know if this is a node-red issue & fix it ASAP.

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Hi. I think the following PR for Node-RED dashboard will fix the duplicate tab issue.


Ah thanks. I can now replicate the problem.

I will look in node-red see if I can find the reason.

I've made some test now with a VM under ubuntu,
I don't have a free raspberry at the moment. So I'm not in the same condition, sorry.
There is also the description just above where I have problems with the deploy


Cleareddirectory .node-red

Sudo apt install build-essential git curl
bash <(curl -sL

Started the Browser + clear all caches

Started the URL

Create 1st text & Deploy --> OK


Installing countdown --> OK

Create 2nd menu et 2nd group

create a 3rd tabs & group ok

I closed the browser tab, opened a new tab, pointed to the Nodered url and this is the problem that appears.


I click on the debug tab
I come back on the Tabs and there the display is good

hope it can help

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In Node-RED 2.2, sidebar tab before refreshing become to be retained after browser refresh. This revealed the problem of the dashboard that originally existed.
I think that possible fix on Node-RED side is to change sidebar to the info tab after refresh as previous Node-RED.

I have now pushed out a new version of dashboard (v3.1.6) that includes this PR.


I was able to update 3 of my "prod" raspberry with v3.1.6
and the problems disappeared. :partying_face:
It seems that everything is normal.
Congratulations for the reactivity and the help you gave me.


Yes, confirmed, works fine here also! Thank you very much!!

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