Weird dashboard editor in 2.2.0

I have just upgrade to 2.2.0 and now when I display the dashboard editor (on the right vertical bar) each dashboard group is listed twice (see screenshot)
Schermata 2022-01-27 alle 14.58.19

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This is very confusing...

Check for any unused config node, i had this issue sometime back and resolved by following @hotNipi 's advice

Have a look on the 'Configuration Nodes' sidebar - not the Dashboard sidebar. See if you can see an space nodes listed there. If not, trying searching for them (Ctrl-F to open the search dialog).

removed every spacer node in the Configuration Nodes and restarted NR. Still double groups in the Dashboard sidebar.

I noticed that opening the editor the first time, the groups are correct but after a browser refresh (Cmnd-R) they show doubled.

can be some other config nodes not necessarily spacers

Same issue for me in the last days, if i close my browser , clearing cache, i see tabs correctly, but as soon i refresh editor i see duplicate tabs and groups. If i make a change and deploy i see correct tabs again. (Removed all ui spacers)

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