BUG(?) with how subflows handle `status`, `input` and `output` nodes

This is a quirk I just noticed.

I am working on a somewhat big subflow.

I am looking at the tab and want to add another output to the number available.
At this point in time I am NOT at the top right corner of the tab, which is where these nodes appear when requested.
So I go there, increment the output value and the little node pops onto the screen.
I am going to a very different part of the screen to where I am now.
I select the node, press <ctrl>x to COPY it and..... the node (expectidly) vanishes.

BUT! That isn't what really happened.

Yes, it did vanish. But rather than being prepared to be pasted else where on the flow:
the output value decremented by one.

So I had to repeat the increment: select the node and DRAG it over the tab to the required place.

This also happens with the status option and at a very good guess: the input one also.

I can kind of understand the mechanics of what is happening.
But the process is problematic if you want to put the node else where on the tab!

I tried this too - and it doesn't work!

To try and get around this: I connected the node to ANOTHER one.
Then <ctrl>x.

Is it only my machine on which this happens?
(Have the gremlins attacked me?) :wink:

Sorry, but it caught me a couple of times, as I didn't notice it at first.
The above is a better walk through of what happened.
I scrolled to the other part of the tab. <ctrl>v.... NOTHING.

<ctrl>x doesn't copy the item. It cuts it - but that's just a minor distinction here.
I can confirm this finding.
At least, those terminals should come back when pasted again (<ctrl>v).
On my system (v3.0.2) they don't...

Ok, copy/paste mixedup.

I was sure they didn't.

But I've been wrong before - and will be again.


Just tried with the status output.

<ctrl>x move to somewhere else. <ctrl>v NOTHING.
The little tick disappears and doesn't come back.

Output node:
The output value decreases by one when I cut and doesn't come back when I paste.


As the top row (where those buttons are to add/ the number of outputs, etc) doesn't scroll:
When you tick one of those to get another output / status output, etc...

They appears on the screen shown.

It would be a nice enhancement if the new status or I/O node appeared on the visible area rather than at the top. Perhaps that is not simple to implement.

Well, if you know more than I do and are not prepared to share, what is the benefit of that post?

I SUGGEST a solution so as to not simply complain.

Which post?

:cry: :confused: :frowning_face:


Like the word IF....

Do you know or not?
If you do: SHARE the information.
Help me learn.

No, I don't know. I am not a core developer. I would not have said that if I knew.
I offered an alternative solution, (place the I/O and Status nodes on the visible screen area rather than at the top), but I have no idea whether that is trivial or almost impossible. Hence I indicated that it may not be simple.

Well, that is why I am asking.

That is a very reasonable suggestion and should be straightforward to implement.

I have raised Feature: include scroll position when placing subflow i/o nodes · Issue #4111 · node-red/node-red · GitHub so it doesn't get forgotten.

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{{{{THANK YOU}}}}
(Ok: this is added to let me post the reply)

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