Bugs on the Flows site

Hi, it seems that there is an ongoing bug with the Flows site. Some entries are badly mangled.


There is no way for me to update from the Gist so I can't do anything myself to fix this. It would be great to get this fixed.

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I have witnessed some mad CSS glitches lately also - almost as if the CSS is simply not applied

Also seeing this in the browser console:



I'm wondering if the code is too long to have on a single line?

I have this:

To be fair @TotallyInformation you do like complexity - 10224 - childsplay :wink:

But I agree - flows website is a little glitchy at the mo, not all time, but more than I am used to

Ha! If you look at that line, 10224 is less than 1/2 way along the line!!

Blame the embedded SVG I'm afraid. :rofl: The flow itself is pretty simple.

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Have seen a few flows not render at all - I would guess a few edge cases still need to be ironed out

I'll investigate.


All fixed. There were some issues around escaping HTML content within the flow JSON when embedding it into the flow viewer.

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Thanks Nick.

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