Build /docs/ into the server

Currently when going to the servers local /docs/ route path (e.g.
I get:

Cannot GET /docs/

Could we make a copy of the contents of also available
under the local /docs/ route? I see several advantages:

  • The docs will be available even when you are offline, for example in a
    basement when there is almost no WiFi connection or in poorer countries where
    a data plan is more expensive.

  • The version of the delivered /docs/ is always matched with the version
    installed. This will allow users to run a Node-RED version for a long time
    without having to worry that the upstream homepage may decide to remove some
    docs because the corresponding version is too old.

One downside is that the delivered server is a bit larger in size.

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If you want the docs offline, why not clone the repository?

Oh, I didn't know about GitHub - node-red/ Node-RED Site , good to know , thank you.

I guess its not that accessible to non-technical people since you need to know
how to build it with Jekyll but it is certainly better than I thought.

Yes, well personally I dislike Jekyll intensely and there is a long list of issues regarding Jekyll on my blog. But it was the first tool to be usable with GitHub pages I think. I've tried it and it failed in so many ways I completely redid my blog in Hugo.

The technical docs for uibuilder are done using Docksify and so available both as GitHub pages and as a local web within Node-RED :grinning: Not sure how well that would scale though - I may find out since I've done the same with our IT Standards site at work.

Of course, there is little enough resource to develop Node-RED so I'm certainly not going to suggest time is spent on reworking the docs site. Though maybe Nick and Dave wouldn't mind if someone committed to doing the changes. Who knows.

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