Button behavior- blink toggle + audio feeback when pressed

NodeRed- marvelous tool, really amazing how powerful and user friendly the platform is. We have been using it for only a few months and achieved so much in the short time.
However, one minor question about the 'button'

We are using NodeRed 0.18.7:

  1. When the default NodeRed 'button' is pressed, users do see a faint change in button color ( to indicate that the button was pressed)
  2. We have some senior citizens who are interfacing with the NodeRed based UI. THey are having problem seeing the slight change in button feedback.

Can someone suggest /hint at how to achieve this:

  1. when button pressed , the button toggles its colors ( dark/light)
  2. when button pressed, an audible 'click' sound is heard . ( users mostly will use Tablets to access(

So essentially, what is the best way to make the 'buttons' behave similar to the keyboards on tablets and phones ( toggle colors and audible feedback)

Thank you

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