Calling data from influxdb based on customer requirement

Hi, very new to node red and influxdb, I am working on a project that has to allow a user to call batch data from influxdb, i understand that we need to use query to get the data from influxdb but is there a way to have the user determine the data that they want to pull from influxdb to review. Currently the only way i can think of is to pull the entire database and then try to look through the data and compare that to the users input

Welcome @Grimm1007

You can wright a query with parameters, same as any DB, the InfluxDB forum is very help full

Do you mean adding "WHERE " into the query sentence ? I know I can do that but what I need to do is to have user choose the value at the end of the WHERE. For example in influx query we normally use

Select * From measurement WHERE field =value

The value has to be an input from the user

I your dashboard (send to your flow via MQTT) the user can input the value and then you build the query "SELECT * FROM measurement WHERE field='user input'" and then you can return it to the user as on the dashboard or send to there server.

I think what i need is more like a function that can pass user data into a query and then send that information to influxdb node as a query

Yes you are correct.

You get the required parameters from the customer (via Dashboard, MQTT, Webhook or ?) , pass it into a change or function node and then do the query.

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