Can I access context from my html file?

Hello, so here is some context (pun intended) : I'm using in my flow different read nodes, depending on the protocol used (s7, OPCUA, etc), connected to a plc, and I'm sending the payload {variableName1: data, variableName2: data etc...} to my custom formating node. The names of the variables are typed in these protocol nodes.

In my custom node, I have to type again the variable's name in an input, so I can target it when the payload arrives, apply the chosen formating function, and send the modified payload. I find it redundant, and would like to do otherwise.

If I save the variables' name in the flow or global context, can I access them from my html file, so I can inject them dynamically in a dropdown select instead of having to type them again?

Node-RED v1.2.7
Node.JS v14.15.4
Nodes used in this exemple : node-red-contrib-s7 and IIOT

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