How to access global variable in HTML file of custom node

first node (name connection)- >> in connection node - i accept device info like ip address and all details about device.

second node -( name request) ->> In request node i want to create drop down list of ip address which is registered in first node (connection).

There are, I think, 3 ways to access data from another node:

  1. The "Node-RED" way is to pass it from one to the other via a node.send(msg). This is generally the best way.

  2. You can access another node's .html js by calling a function in it directly

    try {
       var x = RED.nodes.getType('myothernodename').myFunction2( 6 )
    } catch(err) {}

    Where the .html file of myothernodename contains something like:

    RED.nodes.registerType('myothernodename', {
         defaults: {
             name: { value: 'myothernodename-name' },
             topic: { value: 'myothernodename-topic' },
         dingbat: 'I am a dingbat',
         myFunction: function(mytext) {
             console.log('YAY! ', mytext,, this.dingbat)
         myFunction2: function(myNum) {
             return 7 * myNum

    This allows you to share common information between the Editor configurations of different nodes.

  3. You can create an API function in the .js of the other node that you call from the .html of node.

    $.getJSON('uibvendorpackages', function(vendorPaths) {

    This is good for getting dynamic information from a node.