Can I create / call[variable]

I am creating a node that will monitor ON duration for many switches under MQTT control. Is there a way to create / identify context like this? Switch behavior can happen in any random sequence (ie: SW 1 OFF, SW 4 ON, SW 2 OFF).

Code sample below created to illustrate what I'm trying to do, not actual code.

> device = msg.device;            // this is the switch number
> state  = msg.payload;           //  "ON"  or "off"
> context.timer[device] = new Date().getTime();          // ms
> context.state[device] = state;
> if (state === 'off') duration[device] = new Date().getTime() - context.timer[device];

TIA st

Please check the Node-RED official documentation first.

What makes you think I didn't? And before you tell me to search the forum, I've done that. And before you tell me to search the internet, I've done that.

But hey, thanks for responding anyway.

I was going to say that the page that I shared answers your question explicitly. However, that isn't quite accurate, it links to the function page which has this section on using context which DOES explicitly answer your question.

To answer that question, your syntax is wrong, so one would assume you never read the documentation.

I bow to you and offer my thanks.

I understand the use of set and get with saving context (global or flow) but never thought about (related them to) creating a simple node local context.

Node-red continues to amaze me.

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