Context value question


In a function node I store the "nvalue" of an On/Off switch (domoticz) in a context variable.
This function node is part of a flow which turns a TV on/off if the Switch is turned On/Off.

if (msg.payload.idx == '351') {
    //store nvalue
    var nvalue=context.get('nvalue');
    if (typeof nvalue=='undefined'){
       nvalue=0; //set default
    context.set('nvalue',nvalue); //save it
    return msg;

I want to use this context variable in an IF statement in another Function node.
Which sync's the Switch if the TV is turned On/Off with the remote.
I have this code, but it looks like the context variable is either not saved nor passed to this fuction node.

var tvstate = context.get('nvalue');

if (tvstate === 0) {

    msg.payload = {
        "idx": 351,
        "nvalue": 1,
    return msg;

Does anyone has an Idea what I am missing here?

context is node specific
flow is flow specific
global is every where
so use global.set and global.get

Thanx, I’ll try!