Can Node-RED also set a default template when creating a new flow?

Hi, i'm Yeon

Can I create flows with pre-planned flows by clicking the Create Flow tab button in the Manager UI?

The chat app tells me to register with the Templates tab, but I can't see the Templates tab.

Help me, please.

Can you explain where these 'tabs' are located as I can't see them on my version of Node-RED ?
This is what I see if I click the hamburger icon at the top-right of Node-RED's main window.

This is my hamburger button list.

What is "the chat app" ?

You can create flows, select the nodes and and go to export, select local and save it. It will be saved as a separate file, which you can recall/load/import later (as a "template"), via the import menu item.

Your button list looks exactly the same as mine.
So where do you "see" the Create Flow tab button you mentioned in your initial post?

Sorry, it was a chat GPT, not a chat app.

What I want is not to add a flow, but to create a previously set flow when I create a flow.
When I asked about Nordred, this told me.

Was that the wrong information?

As a result, the solution I want is...
When creating a flow,
I wonder if the flow I set in advance can appear.

Hi @fostm

To answer your question directly - no, there is no built-in way to add nodes to a new flow tab automatically when you create the tab.

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