Can not find the reason for "Missing ENV var CONFIG_PATH"

I ve no idea why I get this error message on startup:
The forum topics did not help me on that.
Thx 4 help!

2022-12-28 16:25:55 28 Dec 16:25:55 - [info] Node.js  version: v18.7.0
2022-12-28 16:25:55 28 Dec 16:25:55 - [info] Linux x64 LE
2022-12-28 16:25:57 28 Dec 16:25:57 - [info] Loading palette nodes
2022-12-28 16:26:01 Missing ENV var CONFIG_PATH
2022-12-28 16:26:01 28 Dec 16:26:01 - [info] Dashboard version 3.1.7 started at /ui
2022-12-28 16:26:01 28 Dec 16:26:01 - [warn] rpi-gpio : Raspberry Pi specific node set inactive

Search for that text in your settings.js file first. Then search for it in your flows.

All I found is this:

The *.log files are old (Juli 2022).
The other two files are parts of the modules.

Please don't post stuff like that as an image, how am I supposed to quote it?
Did you look in the viseo file? In there, right near the start, is
if (undefined === process.env.CONFIG_PATH){ return console.log("Missing ENV var CONFIG_PATH"); }
so that node expects that to be set. Does it say anything about it in the help text for the nodes in that package? If not then you might have to ask on the node's github page.

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Thx for your reply! I was somehow thinking the message was related to misconfiguration of node red core itself and not coming from a module. I found a similar ISSUE reported on their git repository:

The answer was like: RTFM :slight_smile:

Anyway I did uninstall the module since I does not need it anymore.

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