Can not install a module


nodered-install.log (there was a typo in my original post which I corrected but I would have thought you would have noticed the file and it does tell you the name when you run the script.
Did you run the bash <(curl script?

What version of npm have you got now?


sudo npm update

node --version && npm --version


version above in the list...

Is good

...Node v8.12.0 Npm 6.4.1

New version

Thank you very much Ukmoose
The only command line not done, was the good one.
Just that I did not understand what she had to do and how the shakespear language is not mine. I did not dare.
Like what sometimes, you have to.

thank you

I can go forward.


The command that 3 different people have suggested you run is on the raspberry pi page

bash <(curl -sL
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