Can someone test node-red-contrib-curve

I have problem with node-red-contrib-curve that it does not show function textbox at all. Can someone test that is that problem at my enviroment or is that node just broken? Here is screenshot of problem. I try debug it by my self several hours but sadly I am not expert with node-red or even with nodejs so I was unable to fix it.

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It would be useful if you shared what version of node-red nodejs and node-red-dashboard you are using (it would be worth also adding this to your github issue as well)

Yes thats true in case that it was not instantly reproducable. I assume that you did test and it worked fine at your enviroment? So lets try figure out what differs. I use 1.0.2 of node-red and node.js version 12.13.0. and dashboard vesion is 2.17.1. How dasboard version is connected to this? If I understand right that does not use it at all?

The curve node was updated 3 years ago, this might be your problem.

yes I know that it is old. Sadly there is no other module with same features. Anyway I like get confirmation first that is it compatibility problem or is it my enviroment problem and easiest way for that is that someone other install it to own enviroment and look will it do same. After that I have much easier to try find someone who have skills to fix it.

Hi @burner,
Do you see any errors in your browser console (e.g. open developer tools in chrome where your flow editor is displayed)?

For the sake of it I have installed it, does not seem to work. No particular errors in the console.

What are you looking for in this node ? There are 'easing' nodes that produce values like it, depending on what you need i could perhaps help.

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I try make heating controller by outdoor temperature. Basically same kind system what Ouman controllers do for that I need done where I can make value "rescaling" to given curve. I can do that with multiple math controls but without plot at ui it is almost impossible to tune it properly. That module looks just what I have looking for but sadly it does not work.

@cflurin created a nice ramp-thermostat node ramps up in a curve.

I looked that module and at least its documentation page decrible totally different function what I am looking for. That module is time based thermostat to program temperature profile what changes over time of day. Anyway I am searching temperature controller what controls central heating system water target temperature by using outdoor temperature for setpoint calculation.

Do you need a curve for that, would not a straight line adjustment be good enough?

I bought fix for that from fiverr so it works now :slight_smile: I will publish it later.

I have the same problem.

It seems that the author of node-red-contrib-curve, sbarwe, hasn't merged the pull for the bugfix on Github.

Well since the author of that node hasn't made a GitHub contribution since June of 2018, I would guess the node is abandoned.