TypeError First argument should be a valid curve name on HTTP node

I've run into a problem which I hope someone can help me with. I'm suddenly getting an error on a HTTP node that is POSTing to another server. The flow has been perfectly for almost a year and now suddenly I'm getting the following error:
"TypeError: First argument should be a valid curve name".

I copied the flow to another machine and on the second machine it works perfectly.

Any guidance will be appreciated

What version of node.js are you using?

Hi knolleary, the server is running v6.17.1

Did you try searching for that error before asking here? A quick google shows a few comments about people hitting that error with node 6.x.

Node 6 is no longer maintained and the latest Node-RED release (0.20) does not support it.

You should upgrade to Node 10.x.

Yip did look but didn't but the items I went though pertained to users passing objects instead of strings etc. didn't see any calling out a version issue. Strange though that I suddenly run into a version issue. Did the upgrade resolve the issue for the cases you saw in your search?

I didn't look too closely... just enough to see this was an error with Node 6 which Node-RED 0.20 doesn't support. Given we don't support Node 6, I didn't spend anymore time investigating for you.

Thx appreciate the assistance. Will start by upgrading.