Can´t install new palette

Hello everybody,

I have problems to install new palettes. A few days ago, everything was fine and I was able to install new palettes.
I setup Node Red in a docker image. (It´s the first time I´m using docker and I have no experience with it. Right now I don´t know how to access the file system for example)

I get the error message: Failed to load node catalogue.
Attached the screenshot of the error message (in German) and the browser console!


Does anybody has an idea how I could solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to forum @mosi-m

Do you have a reason for wanting to use Docker? If not then I suggest you don't use it. It has it's uses but for the average user can cause problems, as you are finding out.

This error is coming from the editor in the browser - not the runtime inside docker. So let's keep it focussed on the question being asked, rather than going off in a tangent.

@mosi-m can you access the catalog url directly in the same browser?

It is strange for that to fail like it has - with the 'ERR_BLOCK_BY_CLIENT' error in the browser log.

Perhaps I misunderstood the question, I interpreted it as meaning the the problem occurred when a change was made to using Docker, but I may be mistaken.

No, not really. I used a tutorial which recommended to use docker, because it´s easier to keep it up to date.

Sorry, I thought the issue occured on my raspberry and not local client. With your help I found out, that a browser plugin blocked this website. I don´t know why it worked a few days ago with the same browser/settings.

Thank you very much, now it´s working again :slight_smile:

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I just wanted to give as much information as possible. I thought the issue occured on the server and this information is helpfull.

Thanks for your support!

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