Can't find palette from 'manage palette - install'

before this i can install all my palette from here. but not anymore because i cant find any palette. any solution to solve this?

What happens if you remove the dashboard search text?
What happens if you click on Nodes and type dashboard in the search?

By the way, it is nodes that you install, the whole set of nodes is the palette.


This is what I see:

nothing change when the text is removed. before this if i search dashboard, there are so many suggestion for me to install any node

it work correctly in nodes tab

This happened to me yesterday when I wanted to install a node, but it has cleared up. Try flushing your browsers cache, stop/start NR and stop/start your browser.

There was a brief GitHub Pages (which hosts the flow library catalogue) outage yesterday.

I can see in your screenshot it has failed to load the catalog - see the 0/0 - meaning your search has matched 0 nodes out of 0 available.


If you reload the editor today, does it now work?

If not, please check your browser's javascript console for any errors.

yes there are some error . but how to solve this?

Can you try opening the catalog url directly in your browser?


... and now reload Node-RED and see if you can access the catalog...

unfortunately still can't

And this is using the very same browser? You still get the 'timed out' error in the console?

used chrome and edge. both not work. Yes the same error

That is very strange. Your browser is able to load the catalog without timing out. I cannot explain why it times out when it tries to load the catalog from the editor.


I have a question for you. I have an "offline" PC which is part of our domain but does not have internet access. I have a workstation which is on the domain, and it has access to the internet. The Workstation browser can load the "Node Catalogue". It can attach to the "Node-RED" instance on the Non-Internet-facing PC. NPM install does not work (on the non-internet facing PC), due to the fact the context from that PC running NPM cannot find the internet.

The question is around the access to and installation of nodes using the "Palette Manager" to access the "Node Catalogue" from my Workstation to the PC which is not internet facing.

Can I safely use the Workstation to install Nodes to the Non-Internet facing system through the browser of my Internet-facing Workstation?

What issues might arise due to this? if any?

No you cannot because the install doesn't happen in the browser - it happens on the machine running Node-RED and that requires access to the npm registry in order to do the install.

Thanks for the explanation. And your patience for simple questions.

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