Links from Manage Palette to flows.nodered

Can the "Installed nodes! tab in Manage Palette please link to in the same way as the "Install a node" tab?


It is a good request but I am sure has been asked before (more than once).

I also seem to remember looking into it a while back and it is not as straightforward as you might imagine.

The reason is - I cannot for the life of me remember - but I am certain it would have been done before now if it were simple :person_shrugging:

I like this.
But may require some presumptions about the URL need to be addressed

The catalogue has the URL, but installed nodes don't.
but the URL seems to be a set format (at least on the surface)

The catalogue is local to the NR installation? Can the installed nodes list not look it up in the catalogue (by name)?

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To my knowledge, it's loaded by the UA when requested for the first time during the session.
You can see the fetch in the Browser Network log when opening up the Palette.

It would make sense to display the link, if the module is found in catalogue

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Perhaps not "robust", but could it not just use the name and append it to the url ?${contrib_node_label}

No - there's no guarantee that any node that has been installed is listed there.

The fix is to pull the information from the catalog - but as has been said, that is a bit fiddly to do given how the palette editor works, which is why it hasn't been done to date.

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