Req: include website link in Palette list

Hopefully a very simple request.

when the Manage Palette list is shown with all current installed nodes.. it would be nice to
be able to go to that nodes webpage from that list.

So if for example there is an update, you have to click on the INSTALL tab find the node
and then you can click on the little icon that takes you the nodes website.

Screenshot 2020-10-27 215951

Screenshot 2020-10-27 215903

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Actually not quite so simple - as the installed list is built from the local package.json which does not keep a record of any metadata like the website etc. It could potentially be populated by cross referencing against the library list in the install tab - but that may or may not be populated either (if you are offline etc) - so quite a few edge cases to worry about.

ah i see..

how does the UPDATE button next to the node work.. something most be parsing the installed nodes and displaying there is an update.. so maybe at that point the link back to the node website could also be included.

It just be nice to see what the update is actually for (if the dev as provided a change log).

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