Can´t use Projects, Git isnt configured


i am using ioBroker with the Node-Red adapter on an ubuntu lxc.
i wanted to use Projects, but i always get the message " Your Git-Client is not configured with an Username/Email".

i have git installed and set up it up after i got the error the first time following this guide

as you can see here, the output of git config --global -e shows, that i have it configured.
after that i did reboot my ubuntu and did go into my iobroker - node-red adapter and wanted to start my projects.

as soon as i start a new project, i get the error message again.
when i click on "configure", the configuration shows the right configuration.
(he didnt load it by himself, i did enter it there myself)

it seems that my nodered cant see the git configuration on my ubuntu.

what am i using:

  • Node.js: v10.23.0
  • NPM: v6.14.8
    Node-Red Adapter 2.0.1 using Node-Red 1.2.6
    js-controller: 3.1.6

Ubuntu 20.04 LXC on Proxmox.

2020-12-22 20_54_32-StumpysProxi - Proxmox Console

what can i do to use git?

Greetings Stumpy

I don't know iobroker, does that or the node red adaptor (whatever that is) run in a container such as Docker? If so then it may be that git in the container is not configured.


ty for your reply, i have found a solution.
i wasnt alone with my problem.
several people had the same problem since mid 2020.
it seems that the global git configuration isnt enough anymore since the adapter is available in version 2.x.x.

i had to sudo -su iobroker and configure the git for the user itself with git config --global "mail@maildomain" git config --global "name"

Ah yes, with git, global means global for the user across all his repositories, it does not mean global across all users.

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