Issues enabling Projects in settings.js

Hello everyone,

I am new to node-red, just dabbled a bit and I am quite fond of it already.
I have recently come across an issue though, and would appreciate some help.

I have tried to enable projects in the setting.js file. I have followed all the instructions, but now on start up of Node-red, I get this:
[warn] Projects disabled : git command not found

Apparently I need to install the git command line? Here is where my ignorance shows..:

what is the git called? (command line tool, is that it?)
where do I find this git? how do I install it?
btw, I am using Windows to run node red.

Thank you in advance!

Have you tried to google or duckduck (... or bing ... or chatgpt) for "git" ... ?

Installed Bash and it works now. lol, took me all morning to figure that out.

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