Unable to enable "Projects" in Windows V 1.2.7

I am running node red V 1.2.7 on a Windows 10 PC. I followed the instructions for editing the settings.js file to enable Projects. However, when I reboot node red and start my browser, I do not see Projects appearing on the pull down menu on the workspace.
I would appreciate any suggestions on enabling Projects .

Bob W.

What is the path to the settings.js file that you modified?

Can you show us the edits you made in settings.js?

What path is shown for settings.js in the console when you start node-red?

do you have git installed ? If not then they won't show as enabled. It should report that in the console log on start though.

Thanks for the replies. I apologize if I don't answer your questions precisly. I am very new to node red.
The PC path is:
c:/users/my name/.nodered/settings.js

I have attached two items. The image is of node red boot up sequence and the txt file (the file was converted to .txt just to upload here) is my edited settings.js file.
I did read that git and ssh-keygen are required. I do not know how to verify that they are installed.

Bob W.

settings.txt (13.4 KB)

In your screenshot, it states "projects disabled: git command not found".

download and install git for windows.


That worked.
Thanks so much, Steve.

Bob W.

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