Problem in enabling projects

I am new to node-red and a am learning how to use it but I have a problem. In the node-red site it is written that to enable projects we have to modify the "settings.js" file. I found this file but when i want to open it, it doesn't work (it is wrinting that 'module' is undefined line 21). Please can you help me??

(Moved back to #general category as this isn't related to creating nodes...)

What do you mean exactly when you say "when i want to open it, it doesn't work" ? How are you trying to open it? It is just a text file you can edit with any text editor.

When I press it to open it it gives me a message that says that in line 21 'module' is undefined.

Do you mean you are double-clicking on the settings.js file in some file manager and you then get that error?

That is because double-clicking on it will cause your operating system to try to run the file. You don't want to do that. You need to edit the file.

Now it worked but i have another problem:
I changed the variable projects to true and saved the file but in node-red it didn't write anything about projects as it's written in the site

Have you restarted Node-RED after saving the changes to the file?

When Node-RED starts up it logs which settings file it is using. Are you sure you are editing the right file?

I restarted node red and in the monitor it is written"[warn] Projects disabled : git command not found"

I mean in the prompt not in the monitor

So you do not have the git command line tools installed. They are a prerequisite for enabling the projects feature.

How can we install the git command line tool?

That would depend on what operating system you are using. But a quick google should return instructions

Ok and thank you for all your help :slight_smile: