Add-on to Enabling Projects feature - missing git. Perhaps Projects guide can be improved from this experience?

Sharing my path. May help others working in Windows 10

  • Update of node-red to latest version, following the initial install instructions
  • Enable Projects in settings.js according to instructions in https://nodered.org/docs/user-guide/projects/
  • Launch Node-Red in Command Prompt window
  • NR-log reports that Projects is disabled for missing git
  • Back to instructions. Under https://nodered.org/docs/user-guide/projects/#creating-your-first-project is a link with help to set up your git client (in my opinion this should appear higher up in page, part of enabling). This link brings you to Github installation instructions and did help me to get a working "git" command on my system. I did check so in second Command Prompt window
  • Stop and relaunch Node-Red. I used Crtl-C and relaunched in same Command Prompt window. That turns out to be dumb. Close Command Prompt and launch a fresh one, otherwise NR still fails to pick-up git!

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