Can we dynamically change the payload of the lora node?

Hello, I'm new in node-red and javascript.

I created a flow for my project. I have a lorawan gateway. I can develop applications with node red on this gateway. But I'm stuck here.


As it can be seen in the picture, I cannot dynamically change the eui and payload values. How can i change these values ​​dynamically.

What is the exact name of this node?

Please link to it from flows library

It is not in the flows library. It comes with gateway. The name looks like this; node-red-contrib-node-library : LoRa Input

Then i cannot check the source code to help you.

Have you looked at the built in help on the side-bar for this node?
Have you been in touch with the MFG of this device?

PS, what gateway device is this?

I guess its this one: UG65 Semi-Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway | Milesight IoT

Hi it's a limitation of the way Milesight have developed the node.
I share your frustration!!

The only LoRaWAN GW with onboard LNS/Node-RED that will do what you want is a Multitech AEP

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