Can you assign a base http path context to a project?

Was wondering if you can assign a base http path context to a project.

project 1 http path starts with "/path1/"
project 2 http path starts with "/path2/"

so when I make a http request to http://node-red-host/path1/welcome/ the request is routed to project 1 uibuilder node (welcome) and when I make another http request to http://node-red-host/path2/welcome/ it gets routed to project 2 uibuilder node (welcome).

Thanks in advance.

(Since this appears to be a question rather than a (finished) project to showcase I’ll be moving the topic and switching around two words in the title)

When you say projects, do you mean the Node-RED Projects functionality, or code in different flows? As for Projects, it’s not possible at the moment to have multiple projects active in the same node-red instance. You can work around that by starting an instance for each node. That still leaves the issue of different ports, but you can resolve that by setting up a reverse proxy (e.g. nginx), then place each instance on its own path in the configuration there.

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Thanks for the reply, I was talking node-red project