Cannot activate/import #moment into #uibuilder

I could not use $moment functions even tho I loaded vue-moment.js with :

<script src="../uibuilder/vendor/vue-moment/dist/vue-moment.js"></script>

and activated the plugins in index.js with :-

Any help is appreciated ...

When loading random VueJS components or extensions, I generally look for the instructions that relate to using it from a CDN. Doing an npm install (e.g. installing from uibuilder) is quite similar.

The following gives some clues in this case:

Looks like you also have to load moment separately. Also, you wouldn't normally need to do a Vue.use when loading from a script tag.

In addition, you may not need vue-moment at all. Unless you wan to use moment as a Vue filter, why not just use the moment library directly in your own code?

Either way, don't forget to check your browser's development console (F12 normally) for errors.


Ok thanks, loaded vanila moment.js with script tag and got it working ....

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