Cannot delete "template" node

Hi all.

Having issues deleting a "template" node that i imported as part of an example flow. all other nodes of the flow could be deleted individually, however when attempting to delete the "template"node, the following occurs:
-Delete node - node disappears.
s red as expected.
-Press "Deploy" button, nothing happens. Button stays red, node stays there.

  • I cannot deploy anything else unless i "undo" the deletion (ctrl+Z) of the template node first.

Is it possible to force-delete a node? Or does anybody have a suggestion as to what can cause a node to get stuck?

Sound similar to this

could you open your devtools and check the console while pressing the red deploy button - see if it is the same issue?

If so, then it is fixed in the very latest release (V1.2.5)

You little ripper...... that was indeed the same issue, and re-running the install script to update fixed the issue. Thanks for the near-instant guidance!

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