Cannot get /report.html

I would like to ask.

I have file in C:\users\nxf68958\.Node-red\report.html

And when I would like to open this file by: localhost:1880/report.html I get: Cannot GET /report.html

in Log I have: "Nov 09:52:00 - [info] User directory : \Users\nxf68958\.node-red"

I am using: NR: 3.0.2 Node: 18.12.0

It worked perfectly on older versions of: NR: 2.2 and Node: 16.13. Then I actualized and it stopped working.

In settings.js is option: "fileWorkingDirectory" I tried to change it, but without change. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

Check your settings.js file on the old install. You likely had a httpStatic entry and forgot to add this to the new installation.

Oh, thank you very much for response.
On old settings.js the httpStatic does not exist at all.
I Added it there by


, and It working well.

Thank you.

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