Cannot install new pallets (OPCUA)

Hello i am unable to install OPCUA nodes and i don't know what are these errors? can anyone help me to fix this?

Thank you

That error is a DNS lookup error, which means you have a problem of some sort with your network. Does the device have access to the internet? If you have installed the docker version of node red then perhaps the container does not have access.

the device does have an internet access, but however i am not sure on what can be done on the container end of things to fix the problem?

Is it a docker install? If so then why did you install with docker? If you haven't got a good reason then don't use docker, it just adds complications.

Yes it is a docker install, i am actually running node-red on a WAGO-PFC200 PLC device and most of the resources i found on the internet to install node-red on that device was via the docker. it does really adds complications but i am at a point where there is no turning back but yeah if there is an alternative you can suggest or either to get over this container/docker issue then please help.


That is a docker issue and I don't know much about docker. I don't know if someone else here can help.

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