Cannot pass any URL parameters to @flowfuse/node-red-dashboard 1.8.1

I'm working on a pet project of mine and I ran into a major issue with the new dashboard.

Appending parameters to a dashboard URL on node red 2.2.2 and node-red-dashboard 3.1.6 works. However, passing parameters like

  • /dashboard/home?foo=bar&dope=true or
  • /dashboard/home#foo=bar&dope=true or
  • /dashboard/home#?foo=bar&dope=true or
  • /dashboard/home#0?foo=bar&dope=true

to @flowfuse/node-red-dashboard 1.8.1 on node red 3.1.9 fails due to a forced redirect. I cannot pass any parameters into any dashboard URL and use them to query other, external services.

Furthermore I noticed that sending:

msg.payload = {
    page:'Stat details',
    query: {
        profileId: msg.profileId
return msg;

from a function node to ui-control node does completely and altogether ignore the query parameter that is, from what I understand from the documentation, the way of programmatically navigating the app and passing parameters along. Here's the output of a ui-event node after navigating to any of the above listed URLs.

    "topic": "$pageview",
    "payload": {
        "page": {
            "id": "52aed704e26d62f7",
            "name": "Home",
            "ui": "e20e1ec3320ffde3",
            "path": "/home",
            "icon": "home",
            "layout": "grid",
            "theme": "7bfc8dfc9cc70794",
            "order": -1,
            "className": "",
            "visible": true,
            "disabled": false,
            "route": {
                "path": "/dashboard/home",
                "name": "Page:Home"
            "_groups": ["9150edd85865484c"]
    "_client": {
        "socketId": "Xu9IqJt67rUkUB4zAABz"
    "_msgid": "236f4d9e4b877fb1"

Running the current docker image nodered/node-red:latest as of four hours ago.

Maybe I did not read the documentation attentively enough, maybe I did not configure something correctly or maybe I am just temporarily brain dead.

In any case, I'd appreciate some help preserving my sanity and move on with my pet project.

Thanks for helping me out!

Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience here, I put in a fix for this yesterday: Support query params in UI Event & UI Control by joepavitt · Pull Request #830 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub - it auto-updates our docs, but the release hasn't quite yet been cut. Was planned for today, but trying to squeeze a couple of more pieces in!

I'm just waiting on a couple more PRs to go in for a rounded release - hoping early next week and it'll be published.

Oh man.... I thought I'm going crazy... Thanks for clarifying.

I'll keep an eye on the docker containers (as I run a lot of instances of node red for various things).

It's not going to need a docker-container update, it'll just update in Node-RED Palette Manager once released, you'll just need to click "update".

We normally get a quick turnaround on publishing to release, just been a bit of a crazy day :smile:

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Worry not, you've already helped by telling me that I am not insane.

Take your time and thanks for this contributing to this awesome software :smile::+1:

Upgraded and everything works. Thank you very much :heart:

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