Cannot show/hide tabs with long name


Is there a limit to the length of a tab name that I can change?

I succeeded at hiding a tab with the name of "Lancement de listes de lecture" formatted as "Lancement_de_listes_de_lecture" but then I cannot show it back. It's working with other tabs having a short name, but I encounter that problem with every tabs having a name of similar length.

Thank you

Node-RED 1.0.0
Dashboard 2.17.1

I found that the problem is not the length of the name, it's the double spaces.

*working fine: Averyverylongname foratabthatdoesn'tmakesense
*not working: A short name

You might want to upgrade to NR 1.0.2 the latest release.

When you say you are hiding a tab, do you mean the flow tab at the top of the editor?
Or do you mean a node's name?

I mean the dashboard tab.

I did not updated Node-RED because I tought it was a Dashboard problem.

As I think it is a bug. I created an issue:

Could you provide a demo flow showing the issue?