CANopen protocol nodes

Hello everyone,

Who can help with advice. I have MSI controller (Node-Red inside) with CanBus port. Are there special nodes for CanOpen?

I need connect Joystick(CANopen) and radio control (CANopen).

Thank you!

If you have searched and not found any then it is likely there aren’t any.

What is the model of this device or can you share a link with the specifications ?
As Zenofmud said if you could not find anything in Node-RED library then it is likely that there is any contrib-node already available. I just add that you can search also in NPM to see the availability of Node.JS modules. If they are available and suit your needs and requirements then you can make them available to Node-RED easily.

There is a node js implementation. you could make a node-red node for everyone to use and contribute to...