I installed node-red-contrib-can!
Tell me how to use this package? I would be grateful for any example or documentation. Thank!

"You will need to have can-utils installed on your machine. Since this package is only available for unix systems you will need a unix machine to run this. sudo apt-get install can-utils should work in ubuntu.

The node can be 'enabled' or 'disabled' by sending a 'msg.can' message of 'enable' or 'disable'. This makes it easy to to halt or start can messages while the flow is running or based of external logic.

The node can also be configured to send a CAN message any time there is an update to the node, or only on change."

Found under usage here...

I installed this package on raspberry pi.
I do not understand how to configure the CAN bus.
Socket ?


In the node-red-contrib-canbus package, I select only the can0 interface; it is already included in my raspberry pi.

You're using node-red-contrib-can?