Kvaser Can interface

Hello I am looking for posiblility to geather data from CAN - network to node red. Is there any one who used usb interface like kvaser to read out information from CAN?
Are there any hardware solutions to geather information from can network using red note libraries.

Glad to see the application demand of CAN.
We company will release a linux hardware in Q3 2023 with built-in CAN function working in Node-RED.
The device is under developing now.

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So I use this device to connect to the CAN bus.
To retrieve data from a raspberry or Linux machine, you need to install the following tools:

sudo apt install can-utils

or have a look at this place: GitHub - linux-can/can-utils: Linux-CAN / SocketCAN user space applications

Then in NR it's pretty simple, there's a node for that. node-red-contrib-socketcan

On the other hand, you absolutely must have documentation on how the information in the received frames is coded. Otherwise, it's going to be very complicated. Everything is encoded to take up as little space as possible, unlike a .json file.


and a full flow exemple:

don't forget the 120 ohm end-of-line resistor


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