Can't change the button properties (bgcolor, label, etc.)

I've recently started creating my first flow and I've hit a problem. Basically what I want to do is to change the bg color of a button. I wanted to do it using the msg.ui_control, but when I attempted to do so it wouldn't work.

I've created a simple flow to recreate the problem:


It's probably a dummy mistake I made, but if you know the solution to this problem, please respond.

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Did you read the info panel ?

Allows dynamic control of the Dashboard.
The default function is to change the currently displayed tab. msg.payload should either be an object of the form {"tab":"my_tab_name"} , or just be the tab name or numeric index (from 0) of the tab or link to be displayed.
Sending a blank tab name "" will refresh the current page. You can also send "+1" for next tab and "-1" for previous tab.

Search: "Change button background color" as we see this question here every week.

Hi @FufsowyFufs, welcome to the forum.

You'll find the folk here very helpful but we really appreciate a good topic and correctly formatted code.

When you post code or a flow please put three back ticks on a line above and below, like this...
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Secondly, a more appropriate topic title really helps the right forum member understand if they can help. For example, this topic should probably be titled "can't change button background colour".

Anyhow, a quick search lead to this. Might be helpful?

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Sorry, I was really frustrated with it. I read the file on Github and thought this was the way to go. When I tried to research the problem, I was looking for ui_control information. Now I see I was mistaken. Thanks for the help. I'm gonna change the post now to help others find the problem. Appreciate the help.

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