Can't connect to Zigbee2MQTT MQTT Server


I have quite some troubles connecting to the MQTT Server from Zigbee2MQTT. I tried different methods but pretty much always get a "Connection refused" or MQTT offline.


Hope anyone can help me spot my mistake or provide some guidance how to set things up the right way.

Many thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum @mikeg-de

I suggest not using that node. Just use the standard MQTT nodes configured with the appropriate topics. Also I suggest installing MQTTExplorer which is a great tool for checking what the topics should be.

Thanks @Colin for your advice. I tried the standard MQTT nodes before which were formerly connected to the Test node and they couldn't connect either. Here is the former setup:

Bildschirm­foto 2022-11-16 um 23.27.06

I noticed the protocol version 3.1.1 is not but 5 is existing in Zigbee2MQTT.

Will check out the MQTTExplorer

did you try the ip address instead ?

Yes, I did.

Why have you changed the broker node? Node red should still use mosquitto and zigbee2mqtt should be configured to use that broker.

Zigbee2mqtt connects zigbee devices to your mqtt broker.

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Good morning,

I tried different nodes if there was an issue with one Node Red extension. However, what you mentioned about mosquitto opened my eyes. I was so mislead with the MQTT Server option in Z2M that I totally forgot abotu mosquitto.

It works now. Many thanks @Colin!


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