Can't connect with PostgreSQL Database (wrong username)

hi all,

I have a question. When building op a connection up between a Things network node and a PostgreSQL database (with Postgrestor) I get a error. The error states: "error: password authentication failed for user "Vers"". User "vers" is my Windows user account and I think that i made a mistake while installing or something. I get it on a server and on my personal computer. Has anybody experience with or know how to fix it?

my setup:
node.js version v12.13.1
node-red version v1.0.3

thank you in advance

I've never used PostgreSQL but if it is like mysql you need to have a user defined in the database, so is 'Vers' a user defined in the database?

The user defined in the database is postgres. In the node I filled in the user postgres user with the correct password. It looks like he select@ the Windows user (vers) instead of the database user I filled in.

Which node-red-contrib-??? node are you using?
if you are using node-red-contrib-postgrestor did you fill in the user inteh security tab?


I use indeed the "node-red-contrib-postgrestor" node. image

In the picture above are the settings. I use it in this case for a Insert command.

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facing the same issue - node-red on raspberry tries to connect with 'pi' user

Did you solve it?


yes I fixed it. I used the wrong library the correct one for my implemenatation is: node-red-contrib-postgres

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