Connection from node Red to MSSQL not working

I am trying to connect node red to MSSQL but it is giving error:"ConnectionError: Login failed for user 'Administrator'."

My node red is in a separate device while the database is in PC but connected via ethernet.

I have tried with both node red and database in the same PC but it still give the same error .

Any reason why?

thank you
flows (44).json (1.5 KB)


Are you sure you have the correct user/password to connect to MSSQL?
I’m not a MSSQL user but do you have to have authorization in MSSQL for the remote connection?

Are you using SQL authentication?

Can you verify the SQL username and password wourk using some other program (i.e. sql server management studio)

Can the machine running node-red ping the MSSQL computer

Which SQL Node are you using ...

  • node-red-contrib-mssql?
  • node-red-contrib-mssql-plus?
  • another?


Im not very familiar with SQL actually.

As per the image, this is what I set. For username and password, I have tried different variation of what is shown here.

I can ping the pc. I have also tried both db and node red in same pc but still same
I am using node-red-contrib-mssql.

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