Can't find function node (z=0)

Weird problem. I am searching for nodes with a specific string, and the search results show a function node with no tab name or subflow name. When I check the flows.json it shows as "z": 0. If I click the node from the search results, I am not taken to that node. I'm believing that the node doesn't exist, but it is in the flows.json. I just don't know where it is in the Node Red Editor.

Anyone else come across this problem? Thanks in advance.

There is some rare edge case that causes nodes to get their z property set to 0 - I've never managed to track it down.

The fix is hand edit your flow file and pick the id of one of your 'tab' nodes and stick that into the z property. Then restart Node-RED and the Function node will now be visible on that tab.

We have an item on the backlog to handle this better in the editor - so if we can't track down what causes it, we can at least help recover it.

Thanks for the reply. I was hoping that was not the answer, but there it is :slight_smile:

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