Where is "Zombie" node?

Thanks to @Steve-Mcl I have removed my loop nodes and replace them with functions.
I want to remove the loop node from the palette, but it appears to still be "in use"

When I search in the flows where it is used I have:

However when I click on msg.array it should open the page where this node is and blink with red around it. It does nothing....

When I look in the flows.json, I can see the msg.array but not in the "normal" interface.

How can I find this "zombie" node ?



If you click the > button to the right of where you typed array-loop into the search box, it'll copy the search over to the Info sidebar outliner - this will show the node in the outline tree and help you find it.

Thanks but nothing is shown:


The only place left with array-loop is the palette itself... Or it seems so.

maybe you have some configuration-node related to that node.


Since you dont have it on the flow .. its configuration node should be greyd out

Nope... No, there is no configuration node for this loop stuff.

what if you simply search for loop instead of array-loop
have you deployed after the removal of these nodes in your flow .. or try to refresh the browser

Not better...

Yes. I have even restarted NR and tried with another browser. Still there but not there :frowning:

Can you share your flow file? You say you can see it inside the flow json - that will contain all the information needed to track it down if you know how to interpret it.

You mean the flows.json? Yes I can but not "publicly". I have just sent it by message.

Thanks to @knolleary who, with some magic, helped me.

Coincidentally, I was looking at this area of code today for an unrelated matter.

I have just raised this PR which will allow the editor to apply the same fix I did to your flow file manually: https://github.com/node-red/node-red/pull/2691

It doesn't solve the root cause where nodes somehow end up with an invalid z property, but it does at least allow us to recover the situation without me having to do manual JSON surgery.

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