Can't get data from Influxdb with node-red-contrib-influxdb in 1.x InfluxQL style

I saving data from my node red flow to InfluxDB by using node-red-contrib-influxdb palette.
I setup the connection parameter with "v2" option and token from Influxdb2. Working fine.
Also I'm able to query my saved Influxdb data by using flux style query.

When I try to use influxql style query like "select id, current..... from iot" (setting up new connection with 1.x parameter und admin user and pass) I'm geting an error:

"Error: A 401 Unauthorized error occurred: {"code":"unauthorized","message":"Unauthorized"}"

For v2 I believe you have to use the flux language.

I also try send curl request to influxdb in Influxql query style which works fine, so I'd love to see this also in node red:).

I suggest submitting an issue on the node's github page asking whether this is supported, and if not if it could be added.

@colin, yes good idea:) done.

For reference it is request for InfluxQl style querys in InluxDB2 · Issue #139 · mblackstock/node-red-contrib-influxdb · GitHub

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